Guided Raft Fishing

Price: $600 per day for up to 4 anglers.

Wilderness raft fishing trip - Mohaka River

Multi-Day Rafting Mountain Valley

With our prime location on the river comes access not only to our local beats, but also to less accessible parts of the Mohaka. We offer you the unequalled experience of a drive through the bush up-river to access some pristine inaccessible stretches, one of the finest sections of the river. Our fishing and raft guides will take you gently downriver, stopping at the prime fishing locations, and completing your journey beside the lodge at Mountain Valley, where you return to the comforts of a hot shower, and if you choose, a meal and a drink in the lodge as you share your stories from the day.

Want to make the most of your fishing experience? We also offer an overnight camp, with your meals and equipment brought in by raft. In your cosy riverside camp, the developed world seems millions of miles away, with only the sounds of the bush, the river and your fellow fishermen for company. Please see details of our multi day raft trips which give more details of these unique fishing expeditions.



Our wild and scenic Mohaka River offers an unrivalled opportunity for deeper immersion into New Zealand's wilderness via multi day rafting expeditions. These iconic two or three day trips are the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to the modern world, and step back into an environment which in many places remains unchanged for millennia.

The scenery on these expeditions comprises deep valleys and gorges lined with native bush, forests and remote farmland. The birdlife and wildlife along the river's edge include wild goats, sika and red deer, and the rare and endangered blue duck. Coupled with the flora and fauna is the history and legend of the river. Hawke's Bay, New Zealand boasts a rich and colourful Maori and settler history of partnership, pioneer spirit, and painful bloodshed, subjects which your guides will be keen to share with you on your river odyssey.

On these expeditions we provide transport, food, qualified professional guides, all rafting equipment, a night's accommodation at Mountain Valley, and the great Kiwi outdoors at its best. See our prices in the tariff section of the site.