Horse Trekking

Horse Treks:

1 Hour Farm or Forest Trek
3 Hour Back Country & River
Pony Rides (approximately 30 minutes)

Lunch (can be incorporated into the longer treks)



We Provide:

1 Hour Group Horse Trek

  • Helmets
  • An experienced guide
  • A noble steed

What to bring:

  • We recommend wearing long pants and riding boots or running shoes/trainers for your trek
  • Camera
  • Jacket or wind-breaker
  • Sunscreen


  • Max rider weight 100kg
  • Minimum rider age is dependant on ability (options for younger children are available see Pony Rides)

Horse Treks at Mountain Valley

All of our treks are set in the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Mohaka River Valley, offering spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and native bush. Whether winding through the peaceful forests of pine, traversing around the farmland, or meandering by the crystal clear waters of the Mohaka River our horses and guides will take you on a real outdoor adventure unlike any other.

Located on the Napier Taupo road, 45 minutes from Napier, horse trekking at Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge is a spectacular experience. Our horse treks are the only ones of their kind in the Hawkes Bay, using highly experienced guides who know our horses and the area intimately, we cater for complete novices through to experienced horsemen and women.

Pony Rides

Pony rides are perfect for younger children wanting to have a short ride with a guide leading their horse. We offer gentle walks in the paddocks and on the trails around the property using small horses and/or our mini pony Gypsy.

More Info

Our Mountain Valley horses use general purpose English saddles or Australian stock saddles, which are a larger version of the European General Purpose saddle complete with thigh support, ideal for novice riders and negotiating steep slopes. Our riding style is European as opposed to the western techniques of 'neck reining'.

We take great pride in our herd of some 20+ horses, which include American standardbreds, hardy native Kaimanawas and beautiful Stationbreds. We adopt a disciplined and uncompromising approach to their husbandry. With over 100 acres of grazing for them, our belief is that healthy, happy horses are an essential ingredient of a quality experience for our guests.

Our Horses


I was a wild Kaimanawa pony but was mustered a long time ago in 2002 and have done heaps of rides since then. I look after myself and keep myself well fed... maybe that's why some people think I am pregnant! On treks I am super reliable and will look after my rider really well and will do anything you ask.  Also I get on well with most of the horses so go where I am put on treks. I am a chunky 15.2hh so I don’t mind carrying a bit of weight on my back.

Big Mac

I am a 15.2hh standardbred. I am a laid back kind of a guy and liked taking people out on slow rides. Although I have been lively in my younger years, as I am very old, in fact the oldest horse in the herd, I am now retired.


I am a 15.1hh standard bred. I like to be at the front of the trek and sometimes if I am lucky, I get used as a guide horse because I am not scared of anything. I have had lots of babies in the past, so I am trying to lose my baby fat by trekking regularly. I like an intermediate rider on my back. I love trotting down hills and like a long rein. I like to walk right on the edge of cliffs and if you ask me to move over I will walk even closer to the edge to give you a thrill! Don’t tell me what to do – I have been doing it for years!


I am a handsome 15.1hh standardbred. Even though I'm a small horse I'm one of the fastest, and if you don't pay attention I will try to pass everyone, even though the guides growl at me for it! That's me - I'm cheeky, but will listen if you are firm with me.


I am one of the main horses at Mountain Valley and stand out from the rest because I am a paint. At 15hh, I am quietly in charge and even the guides secretly know I am the boss as I jump out of paddocks if I don't think there is enough grass! Though I am used lots as a guide horse I am good for any rider at any ability and am also used a lot for kids on the pony rides.


I am the tallest in the trekking herd at just shy of 17hh. And I think I'm probably the best looking horse in the herd! I was raced in harness but only won $110.00 in my racing career! I like to be at the back in our rides as I think the girls are far too bossy!


I am a 15.3hh Stationbred. I started off my career as a show jumper, but think I am much better at trekking... so much so that I have become the favourite amongst the trekking guides (don't tell the others!). I stand out as I am the only dappled grey in the herd.


I am a 15.1hh black mare and I am very popular amoung the other horses. If I lead everyone is happy to follow and if I am not leading then I am bound to be near the leader. I am very well behaved and I don't need snacks like some of the other horses.


I am fairly new to trekking, I spent a lot of my life having babies who would then go racing, but now the guides are teaching me to be a trekker and I am doing very well so far.  I am 15.2hh and a very fast standardbred. I try my best to be good on the rides but there are some things that are scary so only experienced riders go on me at the moment.


I'm a 15.3hh standardbred and everyone who rides me thinks I'm cool! I was a city horse before I came to Mountain Valley but the guides have toughened me up a lot so now I'm an awesome trekking horse - I still don't like stones or getting my feet muddy though.


I am a 15.3hh standardbred. I have been a trekking horse for a while now and can take first time riders for a nice, easy ride. I had a bit of a rough time before coming to Mountain Valley so the guides really look after me. I like to be right behind the guide horse on our rides.


I'm a cool dude! I know a few tricks as well, like shaking hands. I am a 15.2hh standardbred and like to try to guide the treks sometimes! All my riders think I am the best because I always try to do as I am told, even if I can get stuck in a daydream occasionally! I am good at jumping and LOVE playing in water!


I am a 16.2hh standardbred but don't look like it as I am really chunky! Even though the guides always tell me I look pregnant, I know it is all muscle! I need a confident rider as I like to try to eat all of the yummy trees on my way round.


I am 16hh and a nice dark bay standardbred mare. I am young and still learning a lot about trekking.  I also love to walk fast, not many keep up with me! I can sometimes get a bit scared of things and respond best if I can look at the scary thing for a while, then, once I suss it out a bit I do super well. Mostly only the guides ride me but sometimes an experienced rider can try me out too.


Even though I'm the smallest of the trekking horses at a mere 14.1hh, you wouldn't even know it because all the other horses treat me like the Queen! And just like the Queen I have perfect manners and don't like to get my feet dirty.


I am a 16.1hh standardbred and from what I've seen I have the very best manners, even better than Chilli because to be honest she can be a bit bossy to us horses sometimes (don't tell her I said that!). I need a rider who can help me past the scary stuff but I am getting more confident - not a lot scares me now!


I am 15.3hh and a pretty bay standardbred, prettier than anyone else if you ask me!  I can be a bit of a challenge as I don't always like to do as I am told and I can get bored easily so the guides ride me to keep me thinking and behaving properly. I belong to the main guide at Mountain Valley and I am a very good guide horse but my favourite thing is to go out on adventures.


I am a 16.1hh standardbred and belong to the main guide too and I am trekking at Mountain Valley to try and lose some weight!  I need a strong rider as I really love to eat, even though I know I shouldn't snack so much. I can jump a little but it is quite an effort, I do love water though and if we get to swim be prepared to get really wet as I love to go in deep!


I am the only thoroughbred and I belong to the main guide just like Freddy and Khandalla. I am 15.3hh and am white (though in the horse world I am called grey). I know a few tricks like how to rear and how to fall over on command but I don't do them anymore as I am getting a bit old for those kind of shinanagans. Just the guides ride me at the moment because I can be a bit scared of things sometimes.


I am a 15.1hh standardbred and am pretty chilled out and am happy to follow along with everyone. Freddy is my best mate and I love to be near him if he is on the trek too. If you are experienced I am happy to run and jump for you, but if you aren't I am really good at following just like I am meant to.


I am a 15.2hh standardbred and am the youngest of all the horses. They say I am very cheeky but I like to think I'm just super friendly! Only the guides ride me at the moment because I still have a lot to learn before taking people on treks.


I am one of the taller horses at Mountain Valley at 16.2hh. I am a standardbred just like almost eveyone else. I can be a bit of a challenge if you haven't done much riding so only experienced riders or the guides ride me. If you do get to ride me I do my best to have a lot of fun.  Sometimes I can be a tad grumpy but only if I am not in the right place in line, otherwise I am awesome.

Gypsy Rose

I am the cutest and smallest pony at Mountain Valley.  My main job is to look pretty and get cuddles.  I can take little children on pony rides just like the big horses and keep up!  Please, please come and see me and give me a pat, I am in the paddocks near reception.